"Jedz co polskie" (eng. "Eat what's Polish") in Biedronka

Yes, we are the responsible ones for the fruit stickers in Biedronka. But not only that.

Who designed stickers for fruits and vegetables in Biedronka? Yes, it’s us! And we are really proud of it – not only when going shopping, but seeing them being glued in many places around the country. ☺ Additionally, we tried to achieve as many benefits as we could from this situation. We created a full-fledged action with a display campaign in the press. #jedzcopolskie, which at the beginning promoted only Polish apples, today encourages Poles to buy a wide range of fruit and vegetables from our orchards and fields. How #jedzcopolskie action has become a kind of social movement can be seen in offline. Or even easier, for example on Instagram.

Do you know how we persuaded hundreds of people to share #jedzcopolskie tag? All that we needed was a strong big idea „NASZYCH WSPIERAMY, SWOJE CHWALIMY” (eng.”SUPPORT OUR PRODUCERS, PRAISE WHAT’S OURS”) and use the owned media!

We have also designed a lot of trays, stickers and packaging, both for fruit and vegetables.